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Keep Your Lips in Check with CBD Lip Balm

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04 Aug 2020

What To Know About The Lips

In an ever growing field of lip balms, lipsticks, lip masks, and glosses choosing what suites your lips can be challenging and quite tricky. Lips contribute to our looks, facial expressions, age, word articulation and acts of intimacy.

If there’s a part of the body that sometimes lacks our attention is the lips. Did you know lips have a million nerve endings and are more sensitive than the fingertips?

The lip has about 3 to 5 layers of thick cells whereas the skin on the face has more than 15 layers of thick cells, the reason why we have either red or pink lips because the blood vessels are almost clearly visible. No wonder the lips are delicate and very sensitive.

When young, lips tend to be plumb because of the high amounts of collagen produced. Naturally our bodies produce Hyaluronic acid which helps keeping the skin and other body parts including the lips moist. This amazing acid also adds volume to the lips and keeps them plumpy. As we age the production of collagen and Hyaluronic acid goes down. Environmental factors such as UV rays also affect our lips health.

Your lips can therefore tell much about the age of a person. Having that in mind, lips need extra attention and measurers to keep them healthy.

Since their invention, lip balms have been doing a marvelous job of helping us take care of our lips. There many lip care routines that one can follow but since lip balms are easy and effective to use, taking care of lips shouldn’t be rocket science.

Just like lipsticks and lip gloss, lip balms come in different varieties according to the need of the user.

Lips do not have the sebaceous glands so they do not sweat or secret oils. These glands produce hydrolipidic film which acts as a protective barrier and hydrates the skin as well.

Due to this, the lips are vulnerable to other external aggressions such as the sun, cold etc. By now, you should be convinced of the many beneficial reasons why it is essential for you to invest in a good lip balm. If you are on the hunt for a lip balm perfect for your lips, here are awesome reasons why you need to include it in your beauty regimen.

Moisten Your Lips

Lips need constant moistening so as to prevent dryness.  Lips that aren’t hydrated appear chapped and often give an aged look.

You therefore need a super hydrating lip balm to keep your lips on check. A chapstick with the right ingredients will soothe a dry, chapped and peeling lip. Frequent use of such a chapstick will soften and add moisture to your lips and quench their thirst.

Dermatologists recommend a lip balm rich in ceramides, Shea butter, vitamins, dimethicone, essential oils which help hydrate the lips. You will enjoy having healthy, well quenched lips.

Prevent Signs Of Aging

As you age so do the lips. The level of collagen production reduces. Since the lips have very delicate lips they are hit the hardest. If you do not take care of your fine lips they later turn into wrinkles and are always visible around the lips.

This is because this area is always in movement and fragile. One of the ways of keeping signs of aging away is by moisturizing.

A super hydrating lip balm is God sent since it will help you age like fine wine. Constant moisturizing the lips will be excellent to protect your precious pout from fine line.

Protection against External Factors

Lips suffer most due to exposure to sun rays and cold climates. As a matter of fact, lips produce little amount of melanin. They also do not sweat so they are extremely vulnerable considering they are in the open.

Constantly letting a touch of the lip balm on your lips will protect them from external aggressions. To protect your lips throughout the seasons, shop CBD lip balm and keep them looking young and supple as you age gracefully.  

Add Plumpness

Having a super hydrating lip balm is the ultimate solution to add the perfect volume to your lips. Lips that are well nourished and hydrated have perfect volume and combat dryness.

After you exfoliate them, freshen them up with a super hydrating lip balm and Kylie Jenner lips will have nothing on them.

When you have a naturally sourced CBD lip balm, not only will your lips have an awesome transformation but you will also experience the joy of having soothing, softer and voluminous lips.

The Joy of shopping CBD Lip Balm

Having a naturally sourced CBD lip balm is worth your time and money. Gifting your lips a super hydrating lip balm will be a step towards achieving young, well-nourished and healthy lips.

Made in the purest form, eliminating all unnecessary ingredients, Allueur’s   healing lip balm is force to reckon with.

Infused with CBD and other vital ingredients this lip balm will make all your lip problems melt away like candlewax. CBD is a powerful anti-oxidant that when it comes into contact with the skin it does extraordinary work.

Here is why you need to invest in a CBD chapstick as soon as possible.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of CBD Lip Balm

The power of CBD is so undeniable and when you use a legit CBD chapstick your chapped lips will begin their healing journey.

CBD oil used as an ingredient will provide a seal to avoid moisture loss on your lips, preventing them from cracking and drying up. Ultimately, any soreness, redness of the lips will be a thing of the past.

Anti- Bacterial Properties of CBD Lip Balm

CBD act as powerful calming agent. Free radicals produced by the body may damage health cells in the body. Lips are made of thick layers of skin cells which makes them quite delicate.

The role played by CBD is major because as a powerful oxidant it helps neutralize and fight the free radicals. In turn our lips are safe.

Due to its natural bacterial properties, CBD help tackle diseases, bacterial infections and irritation against our lips.

CBD Lip Balm Brings Out The Perfect Pout

Everyone desires to have healthy plump lips. Want to have the perfect pout for your Instagram post? Shop a CBD lip balm and enjoy having voluminous lips.

You can forget the thought of having injections to your lips by buying a CBD chapstick. CBD will facilitate well hydration of your lips encouraging good health.

Packed with hydrating vitamin E, some essential oils, and a full spectrum of CBD, Allueur CBD chapstick will be on your lips forever.

Protection Of CBD Chapstick Against Harsh Climate

A swipe of super hydrating lip balm will be perfect to combat rays from scorching sun. Since they produce little or no melanin, when exposed to harsh climate they weaken.

A protective barrier by regular use of CBD chapstick will go an extra mile of keeping them safe and sound.

Antioxidants from CBD revitalise lips that have suffered harsh external aggressions.

CBD contains omega 3 and omega 6 and good amounts of nutrients like vitamins B6,D, A, riboflavin and niacin that encourage healing and  repair even to the most winter and summer ravaged lips.

Power Of CBD Lip Balm to Lock In Moisture

Have you ever suffered from cracked lips? It’s not only a turn off but painful too. The problem even becomes worse if you use the wrong lip moisturizer. The best way to keep your lips moistened is by using a super hydrated lip balm. CBD is a top contender for hydration and this is one of the core purposes of using CBD chapstick.

Our CBD lip balm is infused with other powerful other moisturizing ingredients like beeswax and avocado oil to maximize hydration.

Remember a hydrated lip keeps the dryness away.

How to Apply

It’s quite easy to use this amazing lip balm whenever your lips are dry, irritated or are exposed to external aggressions.

Uncap the lid and swipe CBD chapstick over both lips one at a time. Draw in your lips to spread excess balm and let the moisturizing agents and power of CBD work their magic.

Our Promise

Prolong use of our CBD chapstick will speak volume about us. From moisturization to improved lip appearance, you will ascertain that we put products that are safe and effective to our customers.

CBD chapstick is free from heavy metals, molds, and any other cruel products. Allueur CBD lip balm is affordable, safe, effective and portable and you will enjoy giving your lips a total revamp.

The people behind Allueur, why we stand behind our products and why you will fall in love.

We are a reputable brand that produces high quality CBD beauty brands. What keeps us moving is the love to bring solutions and happiness to our customers.

Everything from us has undergone thorough research, analyses and testing.

Shop CBD beauty today and reap the benefits!

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